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Where do I get the ad codes?
You can grab the required ad-codes HERE. You must have both the top bar and the ad-code on every single page and before the scroll. No exceptions.

Why do I have to put up ads?
They keep hosting free by paying for the server bills.

How do I know if I’ve been accepted or not?
I’ll send you an email. I usually respond within a day or two, depending on how many e-mails I have to respond to.

I haven’t heard from you yet – does this mean I was not accepted?
If I haven’t responded within a week, this means you have not been accepted.

Can I upload video/audio files?
As long as the files are zipped (WINZIP) and in WMV/MP3 format. We urge you to use YouTube to upload large files so you can share with your visitors and reach other visitors as well!

How big can my image files be?
Personally, I like a width of at least 2000. Photos over 3000 are overkill.

How do I use FTP, Coppermine, or WordPress?
There are numerous tutorials online for you to check out. They take a little practice, but they’re fairly easy to use and install!

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