Flirtatious.org was registered in June 2002 and started out originally as a personal blog. A few months later, I decided to host a few of my friends’ sites and they asked me to host their friends’ sites, and eventually grew into the network you see today.

Flirtatious.org is an elite hosting network, meaning we don’t accept just anyone. Your site has to have something special (aesthetically pleasing, jam-packed with content and photos, or the celeb you just happen to have a site on is kick-ass) to have been accepted.

We joined up with the number one entertainment website, Hollywood.com, in Fall 2008. We’ve grown in ways we could have never imagined – we now host over 100 domains and another 100 subdomains.

And did we mention we’ve been around for nine years now? Here’s to many awesome more years! Cheers!

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